Posted by: jthart | January 17, 2013

Dreamscapes Album Now Available

This is the description for the new Dreamscapes album (
“Imagine waking from a dream that you really like, so much that you want to return to the dream–that’s a dream groove. This album contains both easy listening jazz pieces and easy listening newage/ambient pieces. The feeling expressiveness of dreams and of music can be very similar, and can cover a wide range of feelings. Flying dreams are among the most satisfying and pleasurable dream experiences: soaring and swooping and sailing with gulls against the blue sky and the white clouds yields a special feeling that combines excitement and peacefulness. Most of the dream groove tracks are in jazz quartet or quintet arrangements, often with a keyboard lead. The two flying dreams use a synthesizer to evoke the sustained, soaring sounds–without a rhythmic beat.”

Do let me know if some of the album tracks create pleasant dreams, Truman

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