Posted by: jthart | February 15, 2012

Truman Music on Bandcamp

I just opened up my Truman Music on Bandcamp account so that listeners who want to download CD quality wav or aiff or other uncompressed files can find them. Listeners who need only compressed mp3 files can download free mp3s from Jamendo. So far I’ve only added the single “Melody for You” and the albums Ambient Clouds and Blue Daffodils at Bandcamp but I’ll put up more singles and albums if there is an interest from listeners in the higher quality files. I may also eventually post some music at Bandcamp that is not available from Jamendo. Both Bandcamp and Jamendo have their pluses and minuses, both provide free listening to site visitors. Jamendo has a valuable social networking function and a world-wide number of listeners and contributors and is available in seven languages. Bandcamp does offer downloaders a wider range of file formats and a digital store for musicians.


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