Posted by: jthart | November 20, 2011

Pete Seeger: the Power of Song

I viewed the wonderful 2007 dvd documentary about Pete Seeger this afternoon. In many ways it was a walk down memory lane because much of my early musical education was from Pete Seeger’s books and records or inspired by Pete Seeger. I first started playing the five-string banjo after attending a Pete Seeger performance and used Seeger’s instructional record to teach myself how to play. Later I used many of his other records and a number of his books about folk music and guitar. (I gave up the banjo for the guitar after a few years because my large fingers could fit better on the guitar fretboard than between the banjo frets.) I still have several of those old records and music books–a favorite is the 1961 book American Favorite Ballads (Tunes and Songs as Sung by Pete Seeger). I think it might be fun to go back through some of my old music books, including those by Pete Seeger, and put together an album of cover songs. We’ll see.


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