Posted by: jthart | October 2, 2011

“Blue Daffodils”–New Album

I just uploaded nine pieces for my new album for the new season. I hope that the album is released for listeners within a few days. I’m eager to know how listeners will respond to some of the songs. Here is the description of the album:

“The yellow daffodils of spring are long gone but now we have the blue daffodils of imagination to provide energies and color throughout the colder months. These jazz/blues pieces were composed and recorded in the spring and summer then re-edited in early autumn; they cover a range of styles and instrumentation with an emphasis on keyboard lounge music. I hope some of the songs emerge as new favorites. (The album cover is from a digital photo of the pastel painting called “Blue Daffodils” by R. Hart–thanks for the inspiration.)”


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