Posted by: jthart | August 14, 2011

Composing and Recording–Some Slow Progress

I’m composing and recording for several new albums in several different styles, but progress is always a bit slower in the summer because I’m much more involved in outdoor activities. I have about five songs ready for a new jazz/blues album tentatively titled “Blue Daffodils.” Perhaps I’ll be able to get together five or six more songs for the album before the end of September. I’m also trying to learn how to use several new software packages including Antares and Melodyne software for better vocal recordings. I keep delaying putting out more vocal songs because my skills in using vocal recording, mixing, and editing software are too limited to get the sound that I want; probably won’t be ready to release vocal albums until this fall or winter.  It’s fun to learn, but I do wish that I could learn the skills that I need faster–I’ll see. Truman

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