Posted by: jthart | June 29, 2011

Three New Compilations Albums

Since Jamendo plans to remove the artists’ virtual shops in July, I decided to revise and expand the three albums of favorites (containing wav hi-fidelity tracks) that are in the Truman Virtual Shop and put them up as regular albums (with standard mp3 download files). If there is sufficient interest in the albums I may eventually re-issue them at Bandcamp or some other site so that listeners can still access wav file versions of the music, but that project will have to wait for several months because I’m currently working on several new albums with new songs.

The three compilations are:

Piano Favorites <>,

Jazz/Blues Favorites <>, and

Soundscape/Soundtrack Favorites <>.

I’m hoping both that new listeners will be led from the songs in the compilations back to some of the original albums and that listeners who may have heard the albums previously will be led to a new hearing of some of the songs that were previously overlooked, sometimes because of the placement of the song in the earlier album. Also, hearing some songs within a new context may add new feelings and meanings to the music when the songs are outside the thematic context of a story album.


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