Posted by: jthart | October 22, 2013

In the Air–Feel It

My newest single is a celebration of autumn and of the new music season. It’s always exciting to begin a new season. This piece will be part of an album titled Fresh into Autumn that should be released in November. Truman


Posted by: jthart | May 4, 2013

On the Vine

This latest album contains a number of sound explorations exhibiting what can happen to a melody when it undergoes various sound effect transmutations. Hope you find a version that you enjoy, Truman


Posted by: jthart | March 28, 2013

Electro Time Album

My new Electro Time album is now available (see the album listings on the right sidebar). This album includes the song “Time’s Up” which was released as a preview single plus nine other songs. All of the compositions explore synthesizer sounds, beats, and effects in the context of different meanings of time.

Let me know if you hear some sounds you like, Truman

Posted by: jthart | January 17, 2013

Dreamscapes Album Now Available

This is the description for the new Dreamscapes album (
“Imagine waking from a dream that you really like, so much that you want to return to the dream–that’s a dream groove. This album contains both easy listening jazz pieces and easy listening newage/ambient pieces. The feeling expressiveness of dreams and of music can be very similar, and can cover a wide range of feelings. Flying dreams are among the most satisfying and pleasurable dream experiences: soaring and swooping and sailing with gulls against the blue sky and the white clouds yields a special feeling that combines excitement and peacefulness. Most of the dream groove tracks are in jazz quartet or quintet arrangements, often with a keyboard lead. The two flying dreams use a synthesizer to evoke the sustained, soaring sounds–without a rhythmic beat.”

Do let me know if some of the album tracks create pleasant dreams, Truman

Posted by: jthart | January 6, 2013

Preview Tracks

The first week of listener responses and reviewer responses to my new singles releases, “Flying” and “Dream Groove7,” have been very positive. It’s always pleasing to hear that listeners are enjoying my music. The two singles tracks exemplify very different styles–newage/ambient and loungejazz–so it’s been a challenge to combine these different musical expressions into one album, but I think it works. The full album should be released before the end of January.


Posted by: jthart | December 28, 2012

New Album Underway–Dreamscapes

I now have eight songs for a new album that explores connections between dream expression and music expression. The music styles include easy listening jazz and new age music. Hoping to release preview tracks this weekend and the full album around mid-January. Intending to use digital photos of the early evening moon against a cloud bank for album covers. It’s fun to start the New Year with some new music.


Posted by: jthart | December 2, 2012

Ambient Tao

My new album, Ambient Tao, is now available on Jamendo <>. This is an excerpt from the album description:
“This soundscape of electronic newage music attempts to travel back in time to ancient China to the 6th century BC and evoke a day in the life of Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism. The album begins with “Cave by the Sea” and ends with “Candlelight Shadows” which were both released as singles several weeks before the full album. I recommend finding a track that especially appeals and playing it in a loop at low volume to facilitate meditation or relaxation. All the compositions in the album have been influenced by the music of Tim Story, Jonn Serrie, and Harold Budd.”  (The cover art is from a re-framed digital photo of a Chinese brush painting by the artist John Hart who exhibits and sells his works in galleries in both Hawaii and British Columbia.)
Hope you enjoy the music, Truman

Posted by: jthart | October 18, 2012

New Music Season

Getting ready for a new music season; I do most of my composing/recording/mixing/editing in the months of Fall, Winter, and Spring. I’ve accumulated new musical themes, lyrics, and ideas for albums and I’m now re-setting some of my software and hardware. I expect the first album will be a new age album tentatively titled Ambient Tao inspired by readings and by the music of Tim Story and John Serrie. I’ve just completed the first mix of one track for the album, “A Clear Day.” I may put some of the tracks up as singles on both Jamendo and restorm to get listener reactions. Truman

Posted by: jthart | June 18, 2012

Ambient Music Guide

This is a valuable site for information about the history of ambient music and about contemporary performers. I found that the different developments in ambient styles related closely to much of my own musical development. The emphasis on the early influences of Erik Satie and Claude Debussy and the later confluences of minimalism and synthesizers all fit well with my own musical listening and composing.  Check it out at this link. Truman

Posted by: jthart | May 12, 2012


I just set up a TrumanMusic Twitter account to coordinate between Jamendo, Facebook, and other sites for music postings. The Twitter account may become more important depending upon how the new Jamendo interface develops, especially if the communications features of the old Jamendo are not reinstated.

Take a look @TrumanMusic on Twitter, Truman

Posted by: jthart | March 27, 2012


I’ve been working on a new electronic album which I hope will be ready for release on Jamendo in April. The album is a soundtrack for a sci-fiction film, The Beings. This week I came across a link to free text, audio, and video resources for classic science fiction.

Take a look-Open Culture.


Posted by: jthart | February 15, 2012

Truman Music on Bandcamp

I just opened up my Truman Music on Bandcamp account so that listeners who want to download CD quality wav or aiff or other uncompressed files can find them. Listeners who need only compressed mp3 files can download free mp3s from Jamendo. So far I’ve only added the single “Melody for You” and the albums Ambient Clouds and Blue Daffodils at Bandcamp but I’ll put up more singles and albums if there is an interest from listeners in the higher quality files. I may also eventually post some music at Bandcamp that is not available from Jamendo. Both Bandcamp and Jamendo have their pluses and minuses, both provide free listening to site visitors. Jamendo has a valuable social networking function and a world-wide number of listeners and contributors and is available in seven languages. Bandcamp does offer downloaders a wider range of file formats and a digital store for musicians.


Posted by: jthart | February 10, 2012

New Single–”Melody for You”

Here’s the album description for my new single:

“This song is a musical Valentine;  I recommend listening to it with a glass of red wine and some fine chocolates. The music was composed and recorded on a Yamaha PSR-S910 keyboard using the Acoustica Pianissimo Solo Grand voice; mixing was done with the Acoustica Mixcraft software and NCH Wavepad mixer software. The cover photo is from a digital photo of a pastel painting by R. Hart titled ‘More Rose.’” I worked a lot on the mixing to try to get the best wave file that would convert to an mp3 file. I’m still not sure about everything I need to do to optimize the mixing for a lossy format. Truman

Posted by: jthart | January 24, 2012

New Album “Ambient Clouds”

Here’s the album description for my latest album:

Cloud watching is a wonderful activity in the Pacific Northwest–especially in places where the updrafts from the ocean or the waterways encounter the winds from the mountains. In such dynamic locales the formation and re-formation of cloud shapes and the movement of cloud masses is endless–with visible changes from minute to minute. Cloud watching is a recreational activity similar to bird watching with enthusiasts who carry similar equipment: binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, and cameras. (If you’d like to see pictures of some of the cloud formations visit this web site <> or consult John Day, The Book of Clouds.)

These musical pieces take listeners in imagination up into the vapors to travel with and through the clouds. Some of my musical inspiration for these pieces comes from the album Dive by Tycho (Scott Hansen); for me his electronic atmospheres evoke many scenes of nature. In this album I also enjoyed exploring many sound capabilities of the Native Instruments’ Maschine Mikro. Two versions of the piece “Contrails” are included in the album, placed at the beginning and end so it’s easy to compare them. I suggest that if you find a piece that you enjoy that you try listening to it in a loop; that’s a good way to hear subtle variations that can emerge in the music.


Posted by: jthart | January 24, 2012

Video with Truman Music Accompaniment

I’m re-posting this item so that it will be available to viewers and listeners.

One of the pleasures of Jamendo for a musician is having listeners and getting reviews and comments. It’s even better when listeners make use of the music for their own art (with poems, photos, screenplays, and videos). Here’s a link <> to drdiana’s video “A 2 Minute Taste of Thailand” which uses a composition “Exploring Sunset” from my first album Crossing the Sound <>. I very much like the way she artfully blends the images with the sounds.


Posted by: jthart | November 20, 2011

Pete Seeger: the Power of Song

I viewed the wonderful 2007 dvd documentary about Pete Seeger this afternoon. In many ways it was a walk down memory lane because much of my early musical education was from Pete Seeger’s books and records or inspired by Pete Seeger. I first started playing the five-string banjo after attending a Pete Seeger performance and used Seeger’s instructional record to teach myself how to play. Later I used many of his other records and a number of his books about folk music and guitar. (I gave up the banjo for the guitar after a few years because my large fingers could fit better on the guitar fretboard than between the banjo frets.) I still have several of those old records and music books–a favorite is the 1961 book American Favorite Ballads (Tunes and Songs as Sung by Pete Seeger). I think it might be fun to go back through some of my old music books, including those by Pete Seeger, and put together an album of cover songs. We’ll see.


Posted by: jthart | November 6, 2011

Good Response

I was very pleased with the response to my “Blue Daffodils” album; the album received five positive reviews quickly and had over a thousand listens within a month.

As a followup, I’m close now to finishing a new-age album of keyboard pieces to be titled “Tea Time Keyboards” that will celebrate the Northwestern tradition of tea and scones. I’m also working on a new soundtrack album that will be for an imaginary sci-fi film called “The Beings.” For the latter album I may need to acquire some new software and hardware that will let me do more synthesizer explorations–we’ll see. It’s always fun to have several musical directions to explore at the same time. I enjoy the challenges but, of course, sometimes feel flummoxed when I get off into unfamiliar musical terrains.


Posted by: jthart | October 2, 2011

“Blue Daffodils”–New Album

I just uploaded nine pieces for my new album for the new season. I hope that the album is released for listeners within a few days. I’m eager to know how listeners will respond to some of the songs. Here is the description of the album:

“The yellow daffodils of spring are long gone but now we have the blue daffodils of imagination to provide energies and color throughout the colder months. These jazz/blues pieces were composed and recorded in the spring and summer then re-edited in early autumn; they cover a range of styles and instrumentation with an emphasis on keyboard lounge music. I hope some of the songs emerge as new favorites. (The album cover is from a digital photo of the pastel painting called “Blue Daffodils” by R. Hart–thanks for the inspiration.)”


Posted by: jthart | August 14, 2011

Composing and Recording–Some Slow Progress

I’m composing and recording for several new albums in several different styles, but progress is always a bit slower in the summer because I’m much more involved in outdoor activities. I have about five songs ready for a new jazz/blues album tentatively titled “Blue Daffodils.” Perhaps I’ll be able to get together five or six more songs for the album before the end of September. I’m also trying to learn how to use several new software packages including Antares and Melodyne software for better vocal recordings. I keep delaying putting out more vocal songs because my skills in using vocal recording, mixing, and editing software are too limited to get the sound that I want; probably won’t be ready to release vocal albums until this fall or winter.  It’s fun to learn, but I do wish that I could learn the skills that I need faster–I’ll see. Truman

Posted by: jthart | June 29, 2011

Three New Compilations Albums

Since Jamendo plans to remove the artists’ virtual shops in July, I decided to revise and expand the three albums of favorites (containing wav hi-fidelity tracks) that are in the Truman Virtual Shop and put them up as regular albums (with standard mp3 download files). If there is sufficient interest in the albums I may eventually re-issue them at Bandcamp or some other site so that listeners can still access wav file versions of the music, but that project will have to wait for several months because I’m currently working on several new albums with new songs.

The three compilations are:

Piano Favorites <>,

Jazz/Blues Favorites <>, and

Soundscape/Soundtrack Favorites <>.

I’m hoping both that new listeners will be led from the songs in the compilations back to some of the original albums and that listeners who may have heard the albums previously will be led to a new hearing of some of the songs that were previously overlooked, sometimes because of the placement of the song in the earlier album. Also, hearing some songs within a new context may add new feelings and meanings to the music when the songs are outside the thematic context of a story album.